Direct Domain to outside Host


I have my domain through DreamHost and my hosting elsewhere. I need to update my name servers to get my domain to point to the other host. How do I do that?? I have the name servers from my host, but can’t find where I change them in DreamHost.


In the “Domains > Registrations” section of the panel. Click the “WHOIS Info” button for the domain, and you can change the name servers there.


Ok, that still didn’t work. I’m creating a new site. Obtained my domain at DreamHost. Set up hosting elsewhere. Downloaded WordPress at new host. I keep getting an error message (cannot find) when I try to get on my site/admin site. So I changed the name servers thanks to the above info…but my site still doesn’t come up.



It may take a couple hours for the new name servers to take effect. Be patient.