Dir trouble

i am trying to set up a web site but with limited success
One problem at a time
when i enter address www.mysite.com instead of seeing my home page im getting index of/
I set up my site in a sub dir and want to

redirect to the sub dir
move the database up 1 dir

thanks for your time

You have the option to change your site’s “home” directory in Domains -> Manage Domains.

Then click Edit for your domain and change the Web Directory to /home/username/domain.com/subdirectory

A redirect is a kludge since your main content is in a subdirectory, but can be done. Do a forum search here for “redirect,” and I’m sure you’ll find much information.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “move the database up 1 dir.” If the database contains paths, then you can manually update the database via phpMyAdmin, located via http at the database server you specified.


When you say “move the database up 1 dir”, are you asking how to move all the files and folders in the subdirectory up one level and into the main domain.com directory?

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Hi sdayman
Thanks for that
I went with option A and it worked a treat

Hi sXi
yes that is what I was asking and would still like to know. It may come in handy later

Thank you both for your time

To do it in ftp, highlight all the files and drag them onto the parent directory link - it’s usually labelled as a folder icon named with two dots ()

To do it in shell, cd into your subdirectory and mv -f * …/

Depending on the software you’re using, you may have to change any hardcoded links in the script or database to reflect your new path. This is usually in a config.php file or a config table in a database.

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Thanks sXi
When i figure out what that means I’ll give it a try
Good for now