Ding, Dong, The Blingy Witch Is Dead!


Dreamhost says that think they’ve pretty well solved the blingy-related problems.

On bonk, top is reporting 5-, 10- and 15-minute average server loads of 0.47, 0.64, 2.56. There’s 1 task running, and the CPU is running 89.6% idle cycles.

Yeah, that 2.56 doesn’t thrill me, but it’s 2 AM in Pennsylvania, and 11 PM out in the land of fruits and nuts. This is a relatively peak period. If the server load has a few spikes, it’s not the end of the world.

And it’s a whole lot better than server loads of 60, 80, and 100.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the techs responsible for figuring out this one.


This was a tough one. I’ll have to tell my wife. She’s been waiting for this for a while.

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Things are looking up then :slight_smile:

I think I just saw a new record on CLANK: http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/4603/topaw1.png

Can almost smell the smoke from here lol.

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Oh, my, what a wonderful straight line. In fact, that’s two wonderful straight lines. I’ll pass on the second opportunity, and make use of the first one, that of a man talking to his wife.

And being incredibly perceptive, careful readers will note that I actually posted my response to your post several hours before you made your post. (I also started demanding that we end the war in Iraq in 1056 AD, when John McCain was still in diapers.) In any case, you’ll find my response in the form of a blog post entitled McMuffins and Hydrofluoric Acid and it’s about me talking with my wife (about men talking to their wives).

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Problems are not solved on shinobi. All sites, e-mail, and SSH are intermittent. Sometimes they still won’t resolve to anything.

I still have all my Adwords campaigns paused. That means I’m not making any money.

Very frustrating.


I spoke too soon. Earlier this evening, I saw server loads for bonk in the 50s for all three values. Currently, they’re between 5 and 6.

Better than it was, but no joy. :frowning:


I wish it was dead. I currently don’t have IMAP access. It’s been sporadic at best for 3 days. Last time I was able to access it was almost 4 hours ago. If I wasn’t travelling right now I’d be transferring my domains to another host.