Digital Point User Map & GeoIP



I am attempting to get Digital Point User Map running on my forum. It requires a GeoIP PHP install that I just can’t seem to get working.
I installed Pear and (I think the Apache GeoIP) but it seems I need to install the PHP GeoIP

I tried to follow some instructions in the DH wiki but got to this point…

[bogner]$ sudo su

We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) Respect the privacy of others.
#2) Think before you type.
#3) With great power comes great responsibility.

[sudo] password for you:
you is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.[/quote]

Does anyone have a walk through to install the PHP GeoIP on DreamHost?


Lots of views, but no replies… that’s never encouraging lol


There’s lots of views on everything in this forum. It doesn’t really indicate much.

I’m not sure what instructions you were looking at, but they’re not suitable for use on shared hosting. Follow the directions here:


Of course these days “views” are pretty meaningless since it doesn’t mean a person viewed it. In a forum like this the google bot is probably 6 views a day, and thats before we take into account all the other search engines. Then lets not forget the spammers bot, and the news engines… you get the drift…

I didn’t reply before because I don’t specifically have information on the server ‘bogner’ my guess however is that it is a shared hosting server, which you have requested super user status (equivalent to root privilege) with the command ‘sudo su’. As a customer on a shared server you are not going to have access to that command. Perhaps support can help, perhaps they can’t. Perhaps you will have to upgrade to VPS to get what you want.

Or perhaps you can search the forum because I know andrewf has addressed how-to’s in regards to geo functions php and mysql in the past, and there are also a few post from bobocat on using geoip libraries and 3rd party geo-lookup services services. perhaps more here and there. may not be what you want exactly, but it may give you clues (like perhaps changing php versions or adding a php.ini)