Digital Content Delivery



I am trying to create an online store to sell digital downloads of music. I am hoping to be able to use paypal to process payments, and I’m familiar with setting up the PayPal buttons on a website.

What I CAN’T figure out is how to digitally deliver the file (music in this case) to the customer. I can email them a download link directly, but it’s not a great solution. It would mean they won’t get their purchase until I actually get online and see the payment.

How can I automate this?

I’m willing to look into other options for processing payments, I just need something that’s easy to integrate into an existing site. I’m NOT looking for some full-featured shopping cart option, just the ability to purchase individual tracks or an album.


PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is the feature you’re looking for here. It’ll automatically make a request to a script on your site to let you know that a payment has been received and allow you to take action on it.