Difficulties signing up for a plan

Hello all. I’m new visitor here at dreamhost, thinking of signing up for one of their plans. Actually, I would like to sign up with dreamhost, but I’ve had nothing but problems the whole way through.

It started yesterday when I tried signing up for their Code Monster plan for 2 years. Also since they were throwing in domain name registration, I wanted to take advantage of that. I checked on a number of different domain lookups, including dreamhost’s, and the name was free, so I went ahead and filled out the form and everything. I got to the payment page and chose “Pay through Paypal”. I logged in with my Paypal account, clicked the Pay button, then it eventually gave me an error saying there was a problem with the seller’s email address and that I should contact them.

Well apparently that’s all since been resolved (according to Dreamhost, Paypal informed them it was a problem on their end and got it fixed). According to the sales rep from dreamhost, I could log in to my Panel account (as an aside, I never realized this got created for me when I first filled out the sign up form… didn’t receive any notice saying so, email or otherwise), then start over at the billing page. So I logged in, saw that the old account was closed, so I added a new billing account, and from the “Manage Account” page I click “add a plan”, which sends me back to the same sign up form I’ve filled out oh so many times already.

I filled it out yet again, however two errors stop me now from even signing up. One is it says the domain I want is already taken. Already taken? I checked on a number of registrar lookups, and even the one of dreamhost’s website, and they all say the name isn’t taken. I’m wondering if it’s just some glitch in dreamhost’s sign up form that’s causing that (sometimes when I submit the form it won’t give me the error… go figure). Anyways, the second problem, which is a bit bigger, is that it complains that I already have a Panel account with my email address (no duh). However, I can’t leave the field blank because it’ll tell me that I need to fill in the email address and password. And I surely don’t want to have to use a second separate email just so I can sign up for this plan.

So here I am now, trying to get this all resolved. I’ve replied back to dreamhost’s sales department, which has been very nice and helpful thus far, but in the the meantime while I wait to hear back from them, I was wondering if anyone here has experienced anything similar. I’ve heard many great things about dreamhost, and in particular I was lured by their low prices, large bandwith and storage offers, and the availability Subversion (I’m a software developer that’s works on a number of projects, and many of these I maintain the repository that holds the source code, so I had planned on using dreamhost to host most of them). Maybe I just missed something in the whole sign up process? I guess one question I have right now is do I have to have my account approved under the Manage Accounts page before I can go to add a plan?

Anywho, I hope to get this resolved.


Hi romer.

I experienced the same problem when I first signed up my plan.

I think here is how the system works. When you go to the payment page after you fill up the form, all the informations will be automatically stored in their system even you do not complete with the payment process.

When you try to fill up the form again, it will complain that the records are already in system. I was also angry with the problems.

But here is the solution after my struggling.

  1. The system will complain the email address is already in the system.

Solution: log into DH panel --> Edit Profile. change the email address to another. Then you can use the same email address to sign up.

  1. Domain name is already in the system.

Solution: sign up with a free dreamhost subdomain name. After you make the payment, send them an email by DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support and ask them to move the domain to your new plan.

that is what I did before and finally i got everything done.

note that DH may not reply to you very fast through email. If you are in a hurry, send them email with “OMG, EXTREMELY CRITICAL EMERGENCY”

Good luck!

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Well, just wanted to say that everything appears to be underway now. I got the name registered with no problems, and got the plan added to my account. Apparently I was jumping the gun a bit and should’ve waited until my account was approved before adding the plan since when I went to add the plan at that point, I was given a slightly different form. Given that it was a bit frustrating going through some initial hiccups, working with dreamhost’s support actually turned out to be a very pleasant experience. They were all very helpful and promptly got my issues resolved. All in all I’m quite pleased thus far.

Congratulations and welcome to DreamHost. :slight_smile:

Yep, it is best to wait for the approval email to arrive, as by that point your initial plan has already been automatically added to the account.

I’m actually not sure why the ability to ‘add a plan’ is in the panel at all, as the DreamHost TOS states quite clearly that adding multiple plans under the one account is not allowed.

Good luck.


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