Difficulties installing phpBB

I am attempting to install phpBB for a client of mine and am having difficulties in even getting a download I can work with. I am unable to open any of the PictureIt files (receiving the usual “helpful” Microsoft error message “An Error Occurred - Unable to open file.” Thank you, Mr. Gates.) and can find no code of any sort that would support the BB.

I have viewed the Install movie from the phpBB home site and everything seems quite straightforward, but I am having “no joy” in getting this process to work. Am I missing something here?

Any guidance and suggestions that anyone can offer would be MOST APPRECIATED! Thanks!

they are not MS Picture It files, they are PHP files. Right click the file, choose “Open With…” and choose Notepad or Wordpad from the list (or your favorite text editor).


Thank you, and my apologies for cluttering the BB with multiple posts to other forums, but I was in a panic and was not getting any response to my initial post on the Beginner’s Forum" so I posted to others. Will not do that again.