Different Hosting Types

Do I need to have Shared Hosting/Happy Hosting if I have a DreamPress service plan? I’m only going to have one website using WordPress. I feel like I’m overpaying but I want to make sure I only need one before cancelling. Thank you.

It’s not a requirement to have both.

The Shared Starter plan actually comes with Wordpress preinstalled. DreamPress is a quite more expensive option. I’d be inclined to sign up for the cheaper option and upgrade if/when your website becomes very popular and requires more resources. Up and Down-grading plans is a quite seamless process here.


I have been using Dreamhost for more than 10 years. As a web developer their service is outstanding. Their platform allows configuration and website management that can be fine tuned how you just want it.

Their costs are much higher than other Web Hosting companies and I have looked at others but you can do much more with this company. I used the Shared Unlimited plan, $9.95 per month in the past for my coles staff. I like that you can have unlimited websites and databases setup. And also you can fine tune user access for SSH/SFTP. SSL certificates are easily installed and are updated automatically and are free. Support is always quick to answer and have always managed to resolve any issue I have requested of them. I am also confident in the technicality of the company. They have support technical staff that know their stuff. A great Web Hosting company.