Different discussion list in different domains

I want to create a discussion list with the address listname@mydomain.com not listname@lists.mydomain.com. Is the only option to create aliases forwarding the e-mails to Mailman? can’t I do it without these aliases?
is this not recommended for any reason?

Other different question but related is: I have two domains and want to create a discussion list on each domain but I can not find the option in the panel. When I push ‘create new discussion list’, it just appear one domain, not the other domain I have.

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I suspect that the lists.mydomain.com is because discussion lists are run from a server that is not your webserver or email server, so this is mandatory.

Forwarding might work, but it’s a hassle. There are many addresses associated with a discussion list, and I don’t think you can change the outgoing mail’s (return) addresses.


There is an alias/convenience name option that allows you to post messages to list@yourdomain.tld - it’s just in the administration/config space.

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Thanks, that rings a bell. I think I skipped that one because I didn’t like list addresses being mixed in with real addresses.