Difference in WordPress installs

i am wondering what the difference is between the easy and advanced installs of Wordpress. would the advanced install be something like a manual install of the entire package?

My opinion is that Easy does more harm than good in the case of WordPress. It puts it on another server where you don’t have FTP access. Without FTP access, you can’t install custom themes or plugins. Easy gets updated by Support when there’s a new version.

Advanced mode lets you add custom themes and plugins. You can set the panel here to auto-upgrade WordPress when new ones are available.

I have always used Advanced mode, and then used the WordPress built in update system for keeping it up to date.

thanks, Scott! i also saw your post about changing from an easy install
to an advanced install. i don’t see a Manage MySQL section, though i
do see MySQL Databases. i am hoping that this is the place to look
once i delete the easy install.

i got along far enough in the easy install to find that i was locked out
of the plugins, some of which i feel are important. so, i am going to
switch to the advanced version.