Difference Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated

Hi, I am a begginer in this matters, and want to Know if my concepts are Right o Wrong

I have some questions about Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Tell me if I am wrong o right about the following please:

When A web over pass the limits of a shared plan, the site is disable, or moved to a slow server, but if it is disable, the traffic change from X number, to Zero

When a web over pass the limits of a dedicated server, the site is not disable, only slower, until it reach it limits, and the traffic does NOT goes down from X numeber ultil zero. Intead, the traffic first gets his limits.

If in a shared hosting, I show publicity banners, that give money, and if the site over pass limits, the site is disable, and the earnings could be ZERO?

If in a dedicated server, I show publicity banners, and if the site over pass limits, the earnings could NOT be ZERO, intead, they reach first the limit, and then stop…

I am planning to get dedicated hosting here, when available, but I want to Know, if I am right about my concepts


I’m having difficulty understanding what you’re asking but I can tell you that with shared hosting, if your server resource consumption is such that it adversely affecting the performance of the others users’ sites on the same server you may be disabled, moved to a holding server while you optimize, or told to move to dedicated.

A dedicated package means you have the server all to yourself and do not have to worry about affecting your neighbors, you’ll have none, so the full considerable resources of that machine all belong to you. It is not likely that you could do enough traffic to kill a dedicated server. If you can kill a dedicated server you should be working with a network engineer on customized solutions.

That said, I’m not sure if Dreamhost is offering dedicated servers at this time, last I was told they were “waiting until the end of the year” before selling any more dedicated servers.

You might contact support and ask these questions for more definitive answers