Difference between *.com and *.dreamhost.com PHP?

I’ve been trying to get my site spidered by google for some time now, and I think I’ve narrowed down the problem to a session ID being generated for my pages.

While in the process of moving my site to DreamHost, I was using one of the *.dreamhost.com domains (while they were still usable) for a short period of time. Almost instantly, my site was listed on Google.

But now I’m back to *.com, and my site is once again not spidered by google.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve more or less narrowed this down to a problem with Session IDs. From what I understand, there’s a flag in php.ini that can be used to disable session IDs altogether.

Reading an earlier thread, I realize that editing the php.ini for a specific user isn’t an option, as it would affect all users on the same server.

So that brings me to my question – are there any technical difference between the *.dreamhost.com and *.com domains? As far as I can tell, everything is being handled by “wasabi,” which would lead me to believe they’re running from the same server. Are the database servers different?

My site was spidered with no issues whatsoever at *.dreamhost.com, but no longer.

your x.dreamhost.com was quickly spidered because dreamhost.com has been actively spidered. Your new .com domain, however, is new and will take 4-6 weeks before Google can it into the index and send the bot your way.


Sessions shouldn’t affect the bots since a lot of sites use it. I create my own sessions in a db and 2 Google bots visited my site today :slight_smile:

My domain is not “new.” The domain has been active for well over a year. My access logs also indicate the Google bot visits about twice a week.

And regarding Session IDs causing problems:


To quote:
“Your website is using session IDs in the URL.
If your web pages use session IDs, you may not receive targeted ads on those pages. Since this session ID - and therefore the URL - changes every time a different user views a page, the URL will not be in the index and will be queued to be crawled. Once the URL is crawled, however, the session will most likely have expired. This means that pages seen by the users are never in the index. You will need to remove the session IDs in order to display targeted ads.”

edit: Here’s the Poodle Predictor results for my site.

If the content is new to your site (IOW, if you’ve had the domain name for a while, but just added content to it), it will still take 4-6 weeks. The Google bot visits everything, but won’t report data back to Google until the site is entered into the index.