Didn't get to use promo code

I recently signed up for a free trial but forgot to use a promo code.

Is it possible to sign up again and use a promo code but still use the same domain name that I indicated in the first sign up?

I tried doing another free trial but it wouldn’t accept it since I was using a domain name that’s already “registered” with dreamhost? Have they really registered it that fast? My 1st free trial is still pending.

From what I remembered, this is the rule.

If you did not sign up using a promo code, I think you still have a chance to sign up another account. To move your domain name between the two accounts, you have to contact DH support.

If you already used a promo code to sign up your account, you can’t register the same domain name in other accounts.

I’ll suggest you to contact DH support via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support

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This is the reply I got when I asked support:

[quote]You will not be able to use a promo code. Also, you wont be able to
create a “new” account. If you close this account and try to open another
account you will simply be brought back to this account because our
control panel will recognize you a prior customer. There is no benefit to
closing and trying to open a new account as you will still need to pay
the $119.40 to set up a hosting account.[/quote]
Has anyone been able to do what patricktan suggested?

According to the reply from DH support, it is a “no no” if you want to use a promo code :frowning:

I should update my comment saying you can do that without using a promo code :frowning:

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