Did this promo code work?

I think I used a promo code. It was a link I clicked on that sent me to the Dreamhost registration and the link stated I would receive $10 off and 4 free domain registrations.

I’m not sure how old this code is, but the registration looked a little different than the first time I went through it (the first time I did not complete it).

Is there a way to determine if the code was valid? Is there a way to check how many domain registrations I have available?

At $8.95 for 12 months, I would be paying $107.40. After my two week free trial I will be charged ~94 or 95. Where can I view this information again?

You can close your account and ask for refund anytime within 2 week trial.

You will see the discounted price before you make your payment. At that point, you should already know whether the promo code worked. If you’ve already signed up an hosting plan, the number of free domains of your hosting plan will be displayed under your account information. There is an account information link at the top right corner.

Thanks for the tips.

Clicking on Account Status I find the following information:

Hosting Plan:
L1: yearly rebill.

Domains Hosted:
1 plus 0 subdomains

Not sure what L1 means, but I’m assuming from the domains hosted the promo code did not function as expected.
If I find another promo code, can I add it later? Can a promo code be replaced? I never actually entered the code, I just followed a link. Would it be reasonable to cancel my plan before the end of the two weeks and sign back up with a different code the second time?

Bufhimat - I’ve just checked your account information; you signed up with a promotional code that gave you a $24.00 discount on your first year of hosting (no other freebies). If this isn’t what you wanted, you may be able to get that changed by writing in to Support and telling them what’s up.

Andrew, I think it is worthwhile to review DH sign up process. It will be great to clearly display discounts to customers before they sign up. I believe that will reduce the number of request to DH customer service team.

I’ve spoken with Support and the code is good, but something went wrong during the registration process. I’m thinking the link I followed to the registration site was malformed somehow.
Anyway, I explained everything and it looks like I’ll be able to get this worked out. Thanks guys!

I’m glad you have it sorted out. Welcome to DH!