Did something stupid and need to fix it

While cleaning up some installs on a few of my domains I accidentally deleted a PHPBB install I wanted to keep. The database is still intact, so I’d like to essentially “restore” the board.

Theoretically this should be possible, but I’m not sure how to go about it.
The installation process does not provide an obvious (at least to me) way to do this.

If the board wasn’t modified too much just reinstall the same version of PHPBB into the same directory and alter the config to use your current database.

Then i could either drop the newly generated tables from the database or let it make a new one and drop the whole thing…

That should probably work.

Crap, I’m going to have to manually install the skin again… That is going to be unpleasant.

Support can probably recover the files. fingers crossed

Do backup the database before proceeding (I probably should have mentioned that) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Stormy,

I see that our Ereon replied to your email recently! If you have any questions/concerns for her, be sure to reply back to the email. Hope that helps! :slight_smile: