Did I read this right?

Newbie to DH here w what may be a dumb ? but…
Did I read it right that if I sign up for one hosting service I can host all my websites through that one service?

Yes, you can host an unlimited number of domains here at Dreamhost.

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Maybe not unlimited but as many as the limits of the plan would allow. Just add as many domains as you need.

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yup. be reminded that you DON’T have to buy your domains with DreamHost (or alternatively use a promo code). i’m sure you will find better prices for domain names elsewhere. just change your dns and add the domain in DreamHost’s panel.

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Thanks. I have never heard of this before and wanted to make sure I got it. Wow.

It’s been around for a while, but note that it really only stands out to those that have a use for it.

I’d imagine that a pretty large percentage of users only really use one domain.

Then, if you add in the ones that simply redirect other name variations or TLDs back to their main domain, they’re not exactly burning up the resources.

It just depends on what you need. There are plenty of features here where adding “unlimited” before them wouldn’t affect my usage.

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Please remember that it is SHARED hosting and you have to play nice with others.

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some web servers limit the number of domain you can host. But in DH, as long as you have enough server space, you can host as many domains as you like. Since DH provides super big server space (200GB or more), it is like we can host unlimited domains.

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… And therefore if you don’t get server resource hunting sites then i think DH or any other will never bother to try stopping you,even if you’ve hundreds of websites in a single account. Its all about Great DreamHost :slight_smile: . I didn’t still found any other hosting provider getting unlimited features for shared accounts.

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I want to ask too

Is it true that user can only have 1 plan?


I think you can have more than one plan however you are only allowed to use a discount code once, for extra plans you would need to pay the full price.

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According to the Dreamhost Terms of Service (TOS), under “Material Products”, Paragraph 8:

This is further clarified in the DH Wiki article on Account layout. I think what is confusing people is the use of the various terms; a careful reading of these links should make it more clear.




Why do you need multiple account anyway? You can have many domains in your one account. If the given plan isnt enough then choose a higher plan. Or maybe you can create a new one but using different credit card? :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget to answer the phone with a falsetto voice when they do a callback.

“I don’t like SPAM!!!”

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