Did Dreamhost botch my DNS?

Around noon I noticed every page on my site was displaying a single sentence about someone else’s site. That site’s webmaster was also a Dreamhost customer, and said that he’d experienced a “bad httpd conf” error earlier that morning.

I filed a Dreamhost trouble ticket (with the “OMG!” high-priority), but I haven’t even received any acknowledgent of the email yet. (I even followed the Wiki’s suggestion about re-saving the domain information in “Manage Domains” – but it didn’t fix the problem.)

It’s been six hours – and two of my sites have been down the whole time.

What’s the typical wait for a response to an urgent problem? (And did Dreamhost stop sending out “acknowledgment” emails in response to a trouble ticket, so there’d be an email address to contact?) Is there anything else I can do to fix the problem myself – or to get some attention from Dreamhost?