Did anybody have Mambo/Joomla before One-Click?



I have had Mambo/Joomla on some of my sites for a long time now – before the (great!) one-click install option came about.

My first thought was to use the one-click option to install Joomla in a different sub-directory and then, once it’s configured, copy the files to the domain root. But, I confirmed with DH tech support that the one-click installer will remember where it put the files. That means the upgrade and remove options would be broken.

I want to use the really cool One-Click feature. I also want to make this transition as simple and non-time-intensive for me and the DH servers. But, I can’t figure out how to do it except this:

  1. Put up a temporary out-of-service page on a redirected URL.

  2. Backup all the files and database tables.

  3. Delete the files.

  4. Use the One-Click installer to put Joomla in the directory.

  5. Copy over the files listed in the “Migrating from Mambo to Joomla” FAQ.

  6. Test stuff.

  7. Take down the redirect.

Has anybody got a better idea?