DHTML menu not working



I’m a new client of DH, moving site from another host.

Everything appears to work fine except the main navigation which is a freeware script the previous web manager used.

Basics are:
index.html redirects to index.shtml
index.shtml is the home page where the navigation is built using the following code:

I have confirmed that the folder and files exist. And it appears that DH does support this. What could be the issue?

The navigation doesn’t display at all.



The language value is no longer required, as you have the type value listed.
Test your script with the full domain address. I have read problems with using the leading slash mark that may interfere, whether thats true or not, don’t know.


Can’t answer your question - you haven’t linked to the web site.

Have you considered asking someone who knows JavaScript and DOM to help you or perhaps replacing the navigation with something you can maintain?

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS