DH's new definition of "normal"

Well, there we have it. DH has redefined “normal” operations. On the panel’s support page, there’s this:
[i]********* Critical Announcement *********
(posted 14 hours 41 mins ago)

Status Page Down

The server that hosts http://dreamhoststatus.com crashed and is not
coming back up. Since the server is hosted offsite, it will be awhile
before dreamhoststatus.com is back up.

All other services are operating normally, if you have a problem with
anything other than the accessibility of dreamhoststatus.com, please
submit a ticket.[/i]

emph = me

So the email sucking, servers being overloaded and all the related network issues, are now “normal” at DH.

Now, one could say they just meant there aren’t any other issues that haven’t been ongoing, but, IMHO, no one at DH should be thinking how things are currently working is “normal.”



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