DH's backup policy for shared hosting..?

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i was wondering if anyone can tell me what DH’s backup policy is…

do they backup hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.? what type, differential, full, etc.? and if so, how long do they keep backup (as in how far back can i do a restore)?


The DreamHost backups are really “Snapshots” by NetApp. It basically does a “diff” of what’s changed since the last snapshot. If nothing’s changed, a snapshot takes up no space. If only 100 Megs of files have changed, then the snapshot is only 100 Megs.

So it’s more like a differential. The snapshots occur on an hourly, nightly, and weekly basis. Hourly is since the last hour. Nightly is since the last nightly, and weekly is since the last weekly.

This is just from my memory from some NetApps I used a few years ago. So if you put 10 megs of files on, then delete an hour later, and then wait 5 hours, the Hourly snapshot with those files is gone. Unless you’re lucky enough that the Nightly caught it, in which case it’ll stick around for about 2 nights.

In other words, if you wait too long to do a restore, it may be too late.


echoing this, i would take care NOT to rely on DH for backups. keep your own backups.

my only experience of relying on dreamhost for a backup was from an account that was hacked. I got an email on my secondary (non DH) email saying that somone had changed the account’s primary email. the first thing they did, of course, was to lock me out of the account. by the time DH verified my identity and restored my access to the account, they had deleted my domain.

DH informed me that because the domain was deleted, they had gotten rid of ALL backups and i was out of luck. it appears that the DH policy is “backups until you need them”.

here is a copy of the relevant reply from DH support:

On 10/19/06, DreamHost Sales Team sales@dreamhost.com wrote:

good luck, and always keep your own backups of your files AND your databases.