DH Wiki spam

Can someone remove this Wiki thread, please? It’s just stupid, and it makes DH look bad to have this sort of stuff floating around. Does anyone wander around periodically and do administrative housekeeping on the Wiki?



That’s not spam. It’s just poorly formed wiki entries. I didn’t think it made DreamHost look bad. It’s a pretty harmless wiki thread.

Wiki editors do scan entries and do some maintenance. Apparently, they don’t find the What Happen? article to be that harmful, either.


I reckon everyone is entitled to a viewpoint. It just disturbs me that the first link at the top of the page goes off DH and leads to a gaming site – that has nothing to do with DH operations or customer service, AFAIK. The off-site link is followed by the same spam comments I see on dozens of fora threads I monitor/admin. Again, just my viewpoint.

Actually, that page was deliberately created by a member of DreamHost staff. It documents some of the funny stuff DreamHost staff have encountered when dealing with customers.

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Ah – then a well-placed disclaimer would keep those like me who aren’t aware of the backstory from getting confused by it when the page comes up in the Wiki index and they toddle off to have a look.

It is categorized under “bonus content”, but I can see what you mean. Some sort of explanation is probably in order.

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