DH Website but External Mail


I have email accounts through my domain registrar (cheap-domainregistration.com) for a site I own.

As per the instructions on my domain registrar’s site and after looking at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/MX_record, I entered:

0 smtp.secureserver.net.
10 mailstore1.secureserver.net.

I noticed that the periods at the end (which are stated as required in the wiki article) disappear when you go back to re-edit the fields.

Now when I check email (in Thunderbird version (20061207) ) I get an error: “failed to connect to server mail.mysite.com

Any ideas on how to fix this?



Your MX server is not necessarily your POP/IMAP server. MX is for incoming mail to your domain. You also need a DNS record for mail.mysite.com that points to the IP address of the POP/IMAP mail server at secureserver.net.


So I’m not to up on DNS stuff…

I did a Ping on smtp.secureserver.net and got

What type of DNS entry do I want to create (A, NS, or something else)?

– Dave

You need to find out the IP address, or just the hostname, of secureserver’s POP and/or IMAP server. They should have some instructions on how to connect to their mail server to get your mail.
Once you get this IP address, create an A record for mail.mysite.com.