DH VPS Huge Disappointment

that’s not roadrunner. and even to dreamhost those aren’t real bad pings.

If you want to know if you have a bad roadrunner connection you should use a speedtest like http://speedtest.net
Compare the results there with the speed tier that you pay for, if they are significantly different the first thing to try is rebooting the modem (also plug your computer into the network, if using a wireless connection you may get invalid results). The second thing you should do is call for service, one single bad or weathered connector or worn service cable can cause a really slow connection.

Have you tested the from another location? my bet is still on overloaded server…
Additionally you can use a utility like firebug to watch the page load in real time. My guess as to what you are talking about is “time to first response”, if that’s the case then server load maybe an issue.

I am absolutely getting what I pay for for my speed - (30.9 down 5.1 up) http://www.speedtest.net/result/2589819484.png

The websites I have hosted on here are the only ones lagging for me. Everything else is crazy fast most of the time so I doubt it is a bad RoadRunner connection.
Notice that I pinged and did tracert against dreamhost.com and not just my own websites and the results are pretty much the same as when I do so it must not be the box my websites are hosted on either.

Those tests don’t reflect “time to first response” of a webpage tho, they completely ignore delays that may be caused by server load or apache related resources. Give me a url or two and let me watch the pages load with firebug.


No Webpages on YOUR server, the pages you are complaining are slow. The data you are showing in your pastebin data is not bad pings and traces really. If you are complaining about a “coming soon” page being slow, that data doesn’t support it. What we need to know is how long it takes THAT page to be served, and where the delay is in the page load cycle. “Time to first response” or overall everything dogs out slow, or both.

Got it
Here are two fresh wordpress installs, one on each host.
Only one plugin is installed and enabled on both - both using the same theme:

  • WP-Super Cache

http://ourrobotmasters.com - This is on Dreamhost
http://www.pixelmutant.com - This is on Site5

I added identical posts to each with an image. The upload process and saving of the pages took twice as long on the dreamhost install.
** when attempting to test the cache on Dreamhost I get this error each time - “The pages do not match! Timestamps differ or were not found!”

Also thank you very much for taking the time to check it out - also sorry it feels like I have hijacked the thread :frowning:
I can make a new topic if needed.

[quote=“pixelnated, post:26, topic:59303”]…also sorry it feels like I have hijacked the thread :frowning:
I can make a new topic if needed.[/quote]

Considering the topic title of this thread and the fact that you’re on shared, that would be a good idea :wink:

I just loaded both pages, monitored with firebug. You will notice time to first byte is what needs to be concentrated on. Dreamhost was almost 4 seconds, while site 5 was about 1/3 of a second.

Dreamhost: http://i.imgur.com/rZbBk1m.png
site 5: http://i.imgur.com/L4ecoUe.png

The reason why you probably receiving that message, “The pages do not match! Timestamps differ or were not found!“ is because you have minify enabled either on your CDN or you installed a minify plugin. WP Super Cache alone will handle the minify aspect of it. I was experiencing that message as well but with intense research and trial and error I was able to resolve that issue. Here is an article on how to resolve it http://www.clicktechblog.com/wp-super-cache-tester-pages-not-match-fix/

The website address had changed to resolve the WP Super Cache “The pages do not match! Timestamps differ or were not found!” error to https://www.msgdigital.com/wp-super-cache-tester-pages-not-match-fix/ .

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

RIGHT! I know the problems… DH VPS absolutely sucks!

Thanks for sharing your synthetic evaluation. It would be valuable to hear exactly what lead you to express such negative vote so that the product managers can apply corrective measures, if needed.

You can not always compare a hosting company on the basis of pricing.
There are plenty of other factors that someone should keep in mind while picking a VPS. Customer support, uptime, bandwidth, SSD are some of such factors.

I am a Dreamhost customer since almost 7 years and I admit that DH is one of the best hosts I have used till date.

The uptime these guys offer is awesome. There are very few web hosts that deliver such high uptime.

Customer support team is also very friendly. I have also subscribed to the phone support.

I have also read some articles on the internet about their VPS hosting services and most of them I found positive, check this review. DH can be costlier compared to the other web hosts but they worth the money.

I want to thank Dreamhost management for not closing or deleting this thread. It’s a good example of how negative comments can eventually turn positive or be refuted. I must say that I’ve been on the fence about VPS for months:

  • Can I personally justify the expense of VPS to support a non-profit site?
  • If I do take on that expense of money, I don’t want to also take on an expense of time wasted by deciding on the wrong VPS host. I’m willing to pay more for stability.

When left with the appropriate management response of “tell us what’s wrong so that we can fix it”, and there are no responses, that says something good about the current state of DH VPS.

OR… has everyone who might have complained already left? LOL

Seriously, to continue this thread … Can anyone site a specific and persistent problem with VPS that DH has yet to fix? I need to know…


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