DH VPS Huge Disappointment

Now I’m not usually the guy who enjoys rants but this is unbelievable!
I had my domain on Shared Hosting and after it got a few more visits than usual, DH forced me to move to VPS because the cost was only a $4 difference. On shared it’s 10.95/month (monthly payment, instead of yearly payment). And cheapest VPS (300MB RAM) is $15/month (so $4 difference).

I know DH doesn’t reveal the RAM on Shared Hosting but I have some experience with this and I can say for a fact that my RAM on Shared was 90MB (I don’t know how much Burst RAM was available though) and the site worked quite fine.

Now with 300MB RAM on VPS, it’s works like a drunk snail. Loads slow, I receive tons of emails with “VPS restarted, please increase memory, etc”…
Shortly said, the site is experiencing frequent downtimes.

So you guys are telling me that a shared hosting could handle it quite fine with a tiny 90MB RAM while a VPS with 300MB RAM can’t??? OMG!

I said ok… I will increase the memory even though that will obviously increase the costs also, increased it to 350MB, 400MB, even went as far as 500MB, still the same behavior! All I can say is that this is BS!

Ohhh and should I even mention that this isn’t even a FULL VPS???
Your database will still remain on shared hosting!!! If you want your database on VPS also you have to pay ANOTHER $15/month (if you choose 300MB)!!!

WHAT IS THIS??? A RIP OFF?? This is the worst VPS I’ve ever seen anywhere! Extremely expensive and inefficient.

In conclusion: DH VPS Huge Disappointment

My Advice to DH:

I found VPSes with as much as 2GB RAM guaranteed + another 2GB Burst/vSwap RAM (total 4GB RAM available), 4 shared CPU cores, 2TB monthly bandwidth, cPanel included, at only $25-30/month!

Now a FULL DH VPS (both FTP files and databases) with 2GB RAM would cost $100 each -20% discount for having 2 VPSes… that would make a total $160/month, almost $2000/year for only 2GB RAM VPS! OMG!!! In my opinion its extremely expensive!

With RAM so cheap these days, you can buy 32GB RAM for only $150, yet DH VPS RAM prices are as if it’s the 2005 year, not 2013!!!

DH, if these other VPSes can come up with these prices, you guys sure can too!

Now if there is any sense of PROGRESS on DH, don’t delete or censor this thread, but instead, try to understand users frustrations, and try to BETTER YOURSELVES so that your clients won’t leave you.

Interesting. I had a sort of similar experience, but not so dramatic as yours: I recently moved to VPS from shared hosting, and found my server was having to be rebooted often and RAM was moving up slowly throughout the day;
However, I spent some time reading up on it, and did a few things that helped loads:
changed from FastCGI PHP to just CGI PHP (5.3)
uninstalled any plugins from WordPress that were not necessary
I also had a scheduled reboot every night to clear cache, but after some experimenting found this was unnecessary.
installed the PSManager script to handle those times when my RAM goes up without having to reboot

Lastly, I had the VPS and databases moved to LA from VA, since all of the websites I run are California based, and most traffic originates in California.

After those tweaks, I no longer get rebooted and my RAM stays at nice managable level. My websites are much snappier than they ever were on shared hosting.

My point being that your website might need a little bit of maintenance and tweaking to deal with some issues you might not have noticed previously while on shared. If that is the case, you will most likely have these issues no matter what hosting company you are using.
Just try a few tweaks first. Post your experience on this forum. Others will chime in with ideas. Also, post more about your site and what you are using to run it.

Yeap, you’re right about the FastCGI PHP. That eats up a lot of RAM. The site is already on PHP CGI (non fast).
I haven’t tried to switch the VPS server but something tells me, this won’t change anything.

What are you using to run your site? I ask because I moved one of my client’s sites to VPS. It was running Joomla with a huge database, with a medium amount of web-traffic.
The RAM was going up higher than I thought it should. Switching it to use mod_php 5.2 and enabling xcache in the server options worked wonders for that site.
I just now logged in and checked its usage and it has stayed under 300mb for the last month, where before it was going up past 500mb on a daily basis.

My WordPress sites seem to do fine with just php 5.3 and CGI.

Fine tuning your VPS to work right for you isn’t simple. The reason shared hosting works so well is we’ve put in the time to make it right for who we’re hosting. On a VPS, you get a much more standard, default sort of server setup, and then you have to adjust it to meet your needs. That’s why you get root access :slight_smile:

How much traffic are you getting?

Since you have root, if you’re savvy enough with command line, you may want to install xcache manually for PHP 5.3 (which does use less memory than 5.2). There’s also nginx if you want to try that on for size. No two sites are identical, though, so much of this really is playing around to see what fits your needs and your usage. It’s just like adjusting the seat at your desk. You eventually find the perfect fit.

@sierracircle It’s only a wordpress site… I can’t enable xcache, WP already uses SuperCache plugin. Using 2 caching methods in the same time, will result in conflict.
as fir 5.2 php, wow… that’s just too old… I don’t even know if WP3.5.1 is even compatible with php 5.2. LOL :slight_smile:
As for RAM, well you might be happy now how it works with “with a medium amount of web-traffic” but what happens when you get “huge traffict”? :)) You might need 2GB RAM which will cost you a lot.

@Ipstenu-DH Yeap I can’t complain about the Shared Hosting, it worked really well. With some minor exceptions here and there… over all I can say DH’s Shared Hosting is quite good.
The site gets only 3000-5000 UV (unique visitors) per day on average. On Shared Hosting it worked well even with 30K per day. Actually I remember 2 years ago (2011) it even held up perfectly a record 75,000 in a single day + 70,000 the second day UV. It worked like a charm.

Now the VPS on the other hand, I think it would probably need it’s maximum juice (4GB at $200) to hold up 75k UV. As for xcache, I’ve already told sierracircle, it can’t be used along with SuperCache and I doubt that xcache is better than SuperCache… (or maybe it is???)

xcache and W3 Total Cache work well together.

Better is a very subjective thing, though. I use xcache and APC on servers regularly, since having the server do the heavy work (and not WP) is more efficient, in so far as my understanding of it all goes. I find that a sever side cache is usually a good start, which is also why I like pagespeed (it too caches for you), and if needed, I can go up to adding in app caches from there. SuperCache is great for static page caching, but more and more that’s exactly what I don’t want to cache (dynamic sites, lotta comments etc etc). I want to cache the CSS, the JS, and the images. I want to cache things that never change. And for that, W3TC is a little more what I want.

75k UV a month would need at least 4G, though, no matter what you used. I can take 90k hits a day without flinching on 2G of memory, but that worked out to only around 20k UV a month. I’m still poking around trying to measure all my stats, though, since Google vs Logaholic vs Webalyzer vs AWStats has proven… interesting.

The problem with this statistic is that it tells us nothing other than the minimum number of hits the site is receiving. 5k visitors requesting a single static HTML file over the course of a day could be handled by my android phone.

What really needs to be reported in these discussions is the CPU seconds / day or some such figure. Even reporting something like 10k PHP-generated pageviews per day is not enough because it depends on how efficient the PHP code is, whether it connects to a database to produce output or not, how efficient that is if it does, etc.

It also depends on the distribution of requests throughout the day.

Perhaps the ideal measure for comparing and discussing these issues would be something like max CPU seconds / hour?

bobocat, you have outlined my perpetual quest for the perfect stats tool :confused: I’ve been playing around with comparing Google Analytics to Logaholic to AWStats to Webalizer to try and come out with something human understandable for how it all works, without having to sit and stare at top all day.

All this talk still doesn’t change all the facts I’ve states in my first post. DH VPS needs a lower price, perhaps a -50 or -70%
It’s too expensive and not even a full VPS!

Like I said, I found VPSes with as much as 2GB RAM guaranteed + another 2GB Burst/vSwap RAM (total 4GB RAM available), 4 shared CPU cores, 2TB monthly bandwidth, cPanel included, at only $25-30/month!

I’d be interested in more information on that. Wish the PM function worked here.

Sounds like the wind-up for a sales pitch for some company no one’s heard of.

I’m using a DH VPS and a Linode VPS, and they’re in the same price range, and there are some tradeoffs involved with each, but I’m quite skeptical about the claims of what some unnamed company can offer.

In my experience, the DH VPS only started running in to trouble when I had two Pligg sites with up to 10-20k visits a day (each.) Upon inspection, I’d let both databases get bloated with about a gig of entries. Even years-old spam that had been cleared from the live site was still sitting in the DB. Anyway, after some cleanup of inactive entries, it ran fine again. Then I decided the Pligg sites weren’t doing much but attracting spammers, and now my DH VPS is running pretty fast without as much load.

Now, the Linode VPS is incredibly fast, but setting it up and maintaining sites is a huge pain. You ONLY get root and FTP access, and the VPS is blank when you log in the first time. So you have to build the whole thing yourself, from scratch. Anyway, it’s great for power because everything is incredibly streamlined & customized, but it takes a lot more effort than popping up a site on Dreamhost.

I’ll admit dubiety too, but OP seems fairly genuine about not disclosing any hard links due to the forum being owned by DreamHost.

Someone else linked me to a place that offers 2GB VPS located in France and Germany for $20. Panels are SolusVM and Kloxo tho as opposed to CPanel which might make up a 5 or 10 dollar difference due to it’s heavier licence fee. They’re “almost from scratch” type setups running CentOS. What caught my attention is they’re Euro-based. I remember anything hosted in Europe being a minimum 3x the price of anything even remotely comparable Stateside. Yay! for the failing economy, perhaps.

I’m more worried about getting lumped with tainted IPs when trying out new places.

The bandwidth costs in Europe are vastly different from the US, as it happens. Ditto Canada. So that’s why some prices here are crazy lower. On the flip side, their expensive bandwidth is usually better maintained by their telcos. It’s always a cost trade off.

You can compare VPSs based on spec and price at server bear: http://serverbear.com/compare/vps

Hey I didn’t know it was allowed to talk about other hosting companies on this forum… but since you are allowed, here you go, take a look here: http://www.lowendbox.com/
LEB is a blog which has custom deals ONLY with VPSes from all around the world at incredible prices. Some of them are brand new, others are older, some are cheaper while others can be really expensive. It’s your pick… you can always Google out for reviews. See if they are serious or not and what experiences have other people had with them before you sign up.
Some of these VPSes posted on LEB are “unmanaged”, meaning you’re on you’re own setting up everything, no support… but most of them are “semi-managed” at the same price. Meaning that you will get some help with really hard things to do but they won’t help you with everything such as installing Wordpress for example… but then again DH support won’t help you do that either so semi-managed support is something similar to DH support, of course.
I think DH support is better though but unless you’re a total newbie, semi-managed support should be more than enough for any webmaster.

Ohh and if you’re after a long-time hosting company and company name matters most than anything to you, you can just go for http://myhosting.com/virtual-server-hosting/custom-vps.aspx (company founded in 1997) and have a custom FULL VPS of 2GB RAM, 20GB Storage, 8 shared CPU cores, 900GB bandwidth, cPanel included and fully managed (full support) all at only $28.77/month by using a promo discount code of 25% (life-time monthly discount).

Like I said!!! DH VPS is extremely expensive!! Their prices are as if we’re living in 2003-2005…

As for "I remember anything hosted in Europe being a minimum 3x the price of anything even remotely comparable Stateside. Yay! for the failing economy, perhaps."
Indeed… it’s all true… internet is very cheap and fast these days in Europe. It’s the best and fastest in the world. Asia also has great internet (especially South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong). US is kind of falling behind in terms of technological progress if you ask me…

I’m willing to pay 80 bucks for someone to just install APC or XCache on my VPS, but DH tells me they are still thinking about opcode for php5.3, much less php5.4.

I’ve been with DH for 7 years.
I like them, especially the scalability and support.

However, if there’s significantly better services (one click OPCODE!) for a cheaper price, I’ll have to give it a look next month if I can’t hire someone to do something that should have already been done for me.

Thanks for the thread, it’s good to look around.
Still, you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s not there ~ let it be said, DH is usually pretty fantastic! Except, the VPS are a bit high and very much outdated in terms of Opcode support.

I’ll install both for you so you can switch between them to compare suitability.

I have been on the fence about getting a VPS or just moving my websites to another host. Been on shared hosting for ages (since 2005) and have some sites with other hosts but over the last few months every website on DH has been dog slow. It is not that they are getting more traffic, in fact, they have been simply coming soon pages in some cases and the response is horrible. Some of these were heavily visited in the past but I thought the lag was due to the website so I temporarily shut them down to clean up and test.
Even new non-public WP websites have been slow as opposed to how they were before and are elsewhere. Makes it painful to even enter data in most cases. Click, wait wait, (possible 500 error), return.
I’ve gone through all the tweaking things mentioned in the wiki, always use a cache (w3 cache) but I don’t think it is the website if new static pages don’t fare much better in most cases.
Hearing what you guys are going through makes me re-consider moving everything to a VPS here though.
It is probably that the shared box I am on has some other websites using all the resources now. Anyway, sorry to babble on. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences on here as it did give me more to think about before I do move in whatever direction it takes me.

have you checked the load on your server? If you know how to log into the shell, type “uptime” (without the quotes) and paste the response you get back here.

Since I posted that I did some other testing and I don’t think dreamhost is the problem at all, I think it is RoadRunner and that is scarier to me since it is the biggest ISP in our area…
Check out the difference in response times between pings & tracert against DreamHost & Site5 from RoadRunner. http://pastebin.com/1FAtK4SF
it takes nearly twice the time for my request to get back from the dreamhost sites because of whatever RR is doing in between it seems.

  • I used the company domains in the example as they reflect the same times my websites are getting when I test those and show it is not just me.

How do you get an ISP to address something like this or can you?