DH to Remove Trash Automatically?

I received this email from DH yesterday:

[i]We’re making some changes to our email policy starting January 5, 2015 in order to improve email performance.

Large mailboxes can cause serious performance degradation for not only our servers, but also for email clients. In order to help keep everything running smoothly, we will be automating the deletion of mail in Spam, Trash, Junk and Deleted Mail folders that are older than 30 days.

The initial batch of deletions will occur on January 5, 2015. From that point forward, any email in your Trash and Spam folders will be deleted based on the age of the messages.

Please take some time to ensure that you, as well as any users of mailboxes under your domains, are not storing important messages in these folders. If you need to archive messages, create another directory for these messages.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Happy DreamHost Trash-Collecting Robots[/i]

In my business, I often refer back to deleted messages (currently in Trash folder) for information about previous orders. Permanent removal of these messages would be a huge problem.

I’m set up with IMAP, would changing the name in T-Bird from “Trash” to something else prevent DH from removing messages in the folder? If not, are there any suggestions for preserving deleted messages?


If you need to archive messages, store them in a new folder, separate from the Trash folder. You can create a new folder in Thunderbird using the “File: New Folder” menu item.

You should only put messages in the Trash folder if you’re okay with them being deleted.

Thanks for the quick response Andrew!

I know messages can be manually moved from Trash to another folder, but do you happen to know if there’s a way to do this in a more automated way in TBird? I’d like to be able to hit “Delete” and have the message(s) go into a current year Archive folder. I already use Shift+Delete when I want to permanently delete something. I suppose I have no need for a Trash folder.

I would love to figure this out too.

I know, I know - if I delete it, I shouldn’t ever want it again. But it’s really convenient to have very old messages appear in searches at times because you never know when something might be useful in the future that you never thought would be.

For this reason, I’ve never emptied my Trash folder. And it’s very convenient to just hit delete if that’s where you want it to end up.

I was looking at Mac Mail’s Smart Folders to populate messages that are in “Trash” and “Not from the last 30 days”, but I don’t think those rules actually move the messages out of the first folder - they just display them in that new smart folder.

It’s looking more and more like it’s going to have to be a monthly manual process. Now, I have no problem with moving everything out of Trash to an archive folder - and if it helps with performance, I’m all for it - but it would just be nice to have it done for me.

Perhaps I can find a TBird setting or extension that will schedule moving messages from Trash to an archive folder every three weeks. Otherwise, I’ll have to set up some kind or reminder so I can manually do it. Not very 21st century!

I don’t use thunderbird, but what you likely want to do is rename the trash folder in thunderbird to something like archive. You will also need to move everything in trash to the new folder. After all is done the change should cause the delete button to move to the archive folder and the dreamhost server should only delete in a folder named trash.

The linked instructions are actually written for changing the name to match your mail servers name. What you want to do here is change the name of the trash folder so that it doesn’t use the name Trash which is the thunderbird default and is what the dreamhost mail server uses. We want to mismatch, the instructions are written for when you want to match.