DH support


are there any tips/tricks in contacting DH support? it takes AGES to solve a problem - i am having a lot of problems with some particular issue, e.g. database server and want support to do this and that - it takes at LEAST 24 hours before each of my messages gets replied. everytime by a DIFFERENT person… (who doesn’t know what i am talking about in a reply to previous person), so to get something solved I need to explain it 4-5 times (YES, 4-5 days to get some server-wide config updated!!!).

do these guys actually read previous messages which were replied by others from support? is there a way to optimise this process. this is really driving me insane.


It’s best to include as much info as possible when submitting a ticket, to avoid the back-and-forth. Any time I’ve contacted them, I’ve probably included way more info than needed and never had to play tag with them.

The advantage is that if you include so much info that there aren’t any questions left to ask, a tech that doesn’t know the answers really has no choice but to pass you on to someone that does.

Or at least that’s my best guess as to why I never have that problem.

If you’re on a plan with call-backs, you could always use one of them.

You could also post the problem here and see if anyone here can help, whether it’s another user or one of the honchos that occasionally check the forums.

Even if it’s not a problem someone here can help you fix, they might be able to help narrow it down a little and maybe make it easier to explain through the tickets.

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