DH support, where is it?


Sorry, not sure if this topic belongs here, but has anyone else had trouble contacting DreamHost? I’ve needed help on my site because the Joomla upload script isn’t working and sent in a couple support requests yesterday-- over 19 hours ago. Sent one in today about the same issue 5 hours ago. Still no reply.

I’ve contacted DH before and they usually reply back rather quickly. What’s the holdup this time?? I’m worried because the longer my site is down, the longer the public has access to the install/upgrade script. I’ve also noticed that One-Click Installs/Upgrades seem to be taking longer than the usual 5-10 minutes as of late.

Anyway, please see here for the problem I’m having. Maybe someone can help me out?


The big switchover last night took up a lot of their staff resources, so that’s probably why it’s not as quick of a response as you’re used to. Their goal is to get back to you within 24 hours. Sending in multiple tickets on the same issue just backs up the support queue.

If you’re concerned about site access, you can FTP in and rename “yourdomain.com” folder to something else until the site can come back online. If you can’t FTP in, then it’s likely nobody else can get to your site, either.