DH Support is not responding to me


I’ve had this recurring SEND QUOTA limit PROBLEM for the past couple of years. Every time DH upgrades something on their system, my limit gets reset back to the bare minimum and my system email doesn’t get sent out again. This latest time has been the worst, since no one at DH is responding to my many attempts to alert them to my issue (via the support panel). I run a mailing list off my website and I’ve run through all of DH’s SPAM rules (with them), so it’s an approved non-SPAM activity that I’m doing.

My admin email account is not sending anymore 5 days 22 hours
Re: PHP Email list has stopped sending 9 days 18 hours
Re: PHP Email list has stopped sending 1 mon 26 days

I’ve gotten the email that says, “We’ve received your message and will respond within 24 hours…blah blah blah” but I’ve yet to hear back from them and every hour of every day I don’t hear back from them, I’m losing out on potential sales.

How do I get ahold of someone and/or escalate my issue?


As it appears this is business critical to you, request a call back. I’m sure it’ll be worth the money in your case.



It happened once to me.
I suggest you open another ticket in addition to the callback request.


If you reply to me with information to identify your account (WebID, primary email address, domain name, or account number, etc.) I’ll follow up with you on this and see that you get a response. I’d also like to know how long ago you submitted your support request.

You can PM me if you wish (and you probably should if you want to pass anything other that a domain name)! :wink:

–DreamHost Tech Support


Thanks for the suggestions. I opted for the $9.95 callback rate for a month. Is it a calendar month (like will I get a prorated rate since we’re halfway into January already?) or a block of 30 days?