DH Support clearing "System-Wide" reports

What is up with support clearing “system wide” (the top section of the support panel) outage reports without fixing the problem? This has happened to me at least 5 times in the last couple of weeks.

Bad enough when your website is down, but then you have to play whack-a-mole with DH support to make sure they actually look at the problem. Extremely annoying.

Well, I’m not quite certin what you’re asking, but I believe that you’re misunderstanding what that tool does. The system wide outage is an automated tool that does it’s ‘best’ to check on the service for each item that you select. Denending on the results of it’s actions the outage is either left open for a support person to check on or closed if the server is responding.

Just becuase a service is not working for you does not necessarly mean that there is an issue with the server. Sometimes, for a myriad or reasons it’s only an issue with your account. In such a case the ‘system wide issue’ system will not find any error and you have to put in a ‘support request’.

Once you’ve typed up your support request explaining with as much detail as you can provide about what’s wrong, support will get back to you. Depending on what’s going on it may take a bit, but they will respond.

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So why should I even bother with it?

If I had a previously “verified” outage, why on earth would support call it “resolved” and close it rather than migrate the request to a support ticket?

The site is still down. The issue has not been resolved.

Because your particular outage might be on server related to or involved in a “system wide” outage that gets fixed, while your problems is on a lower level that is not resolved by the “system wide” problem being abated.

DH would “clear” the “system wide” status, but your problem would remain, and they would have no way of knowing that your problem wasn’t resolved. I believe the message stating the “system wide” is resolved also cautions you that ,“if your problem persists, submit a support ticket”, or some words to that general effect.

I suggest submitting a support ticket forthwith! (it appears the “system wide” issue was not the source of your problem, and you need to let DH know to get cracking on it :wink: )