Dh shows my a/c is pending

i paid 22.4 dollars (97 $ promo) to dh 3 days back for the 1 year hosting plan. i received a fully paid conformation email from dh. now after three days when i login to dh panel i see that under

billing - manage account -

it says my account is pending.

i have also registered a domain with another domain register. as i am new i would like to get the dh hosting and my domain get linkd. so that i could start uploading my site. i am totally new to this. kindly help.

Hi akewl, welcome to DH!

The full paid confirmation email does not mean that your account has been approved. It takes some time to activate your account. Once your account is approved, DH will send you an email with the passwords of your ftp user and first email user.

I think you stil need to wait for a while.

Don’t forget, you can always log in to DH panel and contact DH support in DH panel --> Support --> Contact support.

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thanx. i sent a support request to dh.