DH server move: what happens to old server files?

I’m confused. DH recently moved one of my accounts to a new server (from ‘fairfax’ to ‘nuggets’). That’s fine; my sites are all working fine off the new server.

What I don’t get: (a) When I compare what’s on the old and new servers, some dirs appear to be missing from the new server. Why? (b) Is it safe/advisable to go ahead and delete all my files from the old server?; © Will I eventually be unable to login to the old server?

Just trying to manage all my files efficiently…


What is it that’s missing? I’m actually surprised that you’d be able to access the old server, as a server change means they’ve moved your login to a new server. Leaving your old login intact may cause some confusion for users who update their old server and don’t see the changes reflected on their website.


Yes, I’m surprised that I can still login to my old server. It is confusing.

Correction: I was wrong about the files. It appears that all my files on the old server were successfully copied over to the new one. (The only discrepancy between the two servers is that a new domain that I began hosting after the server switch shows up on the new server, but not the old one. This makes sense to me.)

But I’m still wary about deleting my old files from the old server. For all I know, those files are somehow, mysteriously, dynamically linked from the new server via some obscure process that I don’t understand. For all I know, if I were to delete them, Badness would happen.

Perhaps this is a tech support question?

Leave the files on the old server alone. They’ll be removed automatically (along with your login there) in a few weeks – we leave a copy of your home directory on the old server for a while just in case something went wrong with the move.

Thanks, andrewf and sdayman, for your help.

I’ll leave those files alone.