DH server as PC backup



We all have big disk space and bandwidth with DH, and most of us probably don’t use it. I’d like to find software that turns a portion of my DH diskspace into an automatic file/system back up for my home pcs/laptops. I imagine all you need is an internet connection, server space, and software to facilitate. I am looking for that software, anyone know of any.

Of course I’ve heard of services you can pay to do this, but since I have my own server space I’d like a one time cost (or free) program to make this happen between my pcs/DH account.

Thanks for any pointers or suggestions.


You may want to mention what PC system you have so that people can make suggestions.
Whilst the disk space for the shared accounts on DreamHost is generous compared to other shared accounts it is not that big in terms of fileserver use where you can plonk in raids using 500GB drives into your own computer.
However if you are just plonking in the odd file for off site security purposes then you could just use ftp or if you have a Linux server in your network you could set up a script using cron and wget/rlink to push files about.

Might be useful if you gave an example of what you are trying to achieve. Bear in mind that the Happy DreamHost File Robot will monitor your files and being a shared system would not be too secure. :wink:



I use Retrospect on the Mac (a commercial backup app) to do backups via FTP. I’ve also used an open source program called Unison, which is designed to synchronize directories on the same or different machines, but can also keep backup copies of files. Unison can work via ssh.