DH says I'm sending bulk mail.. I don't send any

I got an automated email saying

"We have noticed that you have been sending out thousands of bulk emails using the natemc user on your shared hosting machine nexus. We do not officially support that, but it is ok as long as you are in full compliance with our spam policy which you can see here: http://www.dreamhost.com/spam.html

However, we have started limiting outbound email as part of our approach to stop spam coming from our servers. You are restricted to sending out a maximum 200 emails per 60 minute period. Additional emails over that amount will have bounced back to you but we have disabled this to ensure your mailbox does fill up and become un-usable. To continue sending your emails out from the shared hosting servers, you should change your setup to comply with the restriction. Alternatively, you can use our own announcement list system found here: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=mail.list&

Let us know if you have any questions"

But I don’t use email on DH except for a comment form that mailed me, but I have since disabled it after getting that message. Is there a way to completely disable people outside the server from sending email or whatever because I really don’t want to be listed as a spammer when I never use it.

I send a response to the email to DH support but haven’t heard anything back and I’ve gotten 4 mote of the automated messages since then and I’m worried I’m gonna get my account disabled for something I’m not doing.

Is it possible that someone has exploited the comment form on your site to send spam using your account?

Hopefully that will resolve the issue.


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I had exactly the same problem last week. DH had disabled my website for that. I’ve updated all my wp instalations and deleted unused databases. Also deactivated several plugins that I didnt use anymore… Until now, no more problems altough today I’ve received again several mais from wathever@sake.dreamhost.com and that is my server… I’ll wait and see…

What script are you using for your comment form? Some of the older ones are open to exploitation by spammers. If you use Dreamhost’s own formmail script, you should be OK, but if you’re using the original formmail.cgi from Matt’s Script Archive, or something like that, that could be the cause of it.


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Check all your php programs that you “borrowed” from others. Awhile ago I had installed a image gallery. Worked nice until DH notified me that the gallery program was being used to send out bulk emails. I did not even know the code was there for emailing. But it did not take me very long to pull that program.