DH policy on high-bandwidth supersites

Wotcher, again!

The site I’m trying to host at DH is incredibly popular. Insanely so, in fact.

It is called ‘Objection!’ - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Objection! - It’s a popular internet Flash animation, and on its previous host shifted 20 gigabytes of bandwidth daily.

My plan is to use DH’s Crazy Domain Insane package to host it. I want to know if this plan is just going to crumble before it even gets started. Will I get a ‘fair CPU usage’ trump card played against me within the week?

Not knowing how your site runs, CPU usage might not be that much of an issue if it’s just not processor intensive.

That said, DH has said they try to be accommodating when it comes to CPU usage. They may move you to a low CPU usage server, or let you know if it’s just too much. But you do have 97 days to try it out.


It all depends on your cpu usage, if you are just serving some static html with some files (flash in your case) it shouldnt be an issue.

20GB a day makes 600GB a month. This is clearly within the 1TB limit (this will grow ofcourse).

If you are using a content management system or advanced scripts it might become a problem.

BTW 1: most content management systems have caching options to reduce cpu load.
BTW 2: you could consider the Code Monster Plan too make sure you will not hit the limits.

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