DH php upload can't not up file 7mb?

can anyone show me how to customize in php 5 so that I can run forum php upload the file more than 7mb ? I been reading wiki help but still don’t know how to do it. PHP DH is limited 7mb upload :frowning: they told me to change to php5 and customize it. But I’m a noob.

Those wiki instructions are about as good as it gets, and there really isn’t much of a way to make them easier.

If all you are concerned about is increasing the max_upload filesize, there is an alternate method described in the DH Wiki article on modifying PHP.ini for this purpose. It is a considerably easier way to approach this issue than a full PHP custom install, but still requires some technical proficiency and an understanding of how to work in the shell.

Alternately, you might want to contact Forum user Mousee - he has a service for such customizations and he knows what he is doing. :wink:


If you have any doubts about your ability in the Shell, I would recommend you follow rlparker’s suggestion and contact Mousee. The procedure as outlined in the wiki isn’t that difficult, but you really can mess things up badly if you don’t folow the instructions exactly.


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There’s always the other option of not uploading through PHP.

Wasn’t there a concern at one point that the larger php upload size can cause the memory monitor to kill the process when it gets up to 100M or so?

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That’s pretty much correct, yes. Each user, from what I understood, has a maximum memory allowance of 100megs per account. PHP generally requires a bit of headroom to operate also, outside of normal processes that eat up memory (a prime example being fcgi), and so I think it’s fairly safe to say that the maximum upload size you could get out of PHP on DreamHost would be around 70-80megs. Obviously that number is dependent on many more things, but that’s my own experience/statistic with it in a nutshell :wink:

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