DH Panel skinning. Will it be possible?

Hello, i would like to know if it will be possible to skin the dreamhost panel (excellent for resellers). Does anyone know something about this?

Also, all the things that i do on DH panel, like create an mail address, can i do this from shell?

The panel isn’t skinnable. This isn’t the greatest place for reselling. A “client” can override quotas, and they don’t get a completely independent environment. I’d only recommending that someone resell if they trust their client. If you’re a one-stop shop where you provide everything, then it’s fine since your customers won’t need to log into the panel.

There was a recent discussion about alternative methods of executing panel actions. The bottom line is that it has to be executed through DreamHost’s panel server via HTTP with cookies and sessions and other fancy stuff.



Thanks for your answer, but what i would like to know is if there are plans to make it skinnable in the future.

Thanks again,


I would doubt it–but since we’re just customers here, we’re just guessing.

Since DH doesn’t have your standard rebrandable reseller account setup, that would seem to eliminate most of the need for it.

I’m not sure how much the panel has changed behind the scenes, but I know they’ve stated in the past that it’s very much tied together (when asked about releasing parts of it), rather than modular, which could make something like that hard to implement.

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If you really want it to be skinnable, then you can always suggest it: