DH Panel Down


I’m not sure how to contact support (without the panel), but https://panel.dreamhost.com is currently down. Hopefully someone from DH will see this.



Same problem tonight. My client’s domain is inaccessible; tried to open a tech support ticket, but the panel is down as well. What gives, Dreamhost?


Sorry to hear that, DarkBronzePlant. Hop you are up again soon. Well, panel is now up again but my main site is now down! Support ticket submitted.

EDIT: My site now up again (55 mins downtime)






You should always check http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/ . Dreamhost hosts it elsewhere so that it will stay up during network outages. Specifically it looks like http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2012/05/16/networking-issue-at-the-irvine-datacenter/ may have been related, at least by time. It’s hard to say tho because dreamhost really doesn’t tell us which machines or which services a datacenter supports.


This occurred before the dreamhost status appeared - that’s why I posted here (as no way to contact support without the panel). Yes DHStatus is the place to look first of course, but it doesn’t always keep up with what’s happening.