DH not working?

Is something going on at Dreamhost that I am missing?

I have been waiting over two days for a response from Dreamhost for a support request. No response is listed in the support history either.

Also (on an unrelated issue), I set up an e-mail forward a couple of days ago (just a forward) - copied and pasted the e-mail address that it was being sent to and tested it. It was the correct address. Now, two days later, the one I set up still does not work.

For example: I set up me@mydomain.com to go to you@mydomain.com. I copied and pasted you@mydomain.com after sending e-mail to it to test it. Copied and pasted me@mydomain.com from dreamhost panel to test - still not working two days later.

Has Dreamhost gone out of business or something?

No, they have not gone out of business or anything of the sort. Just to double check, are you sure you got the recieving E-mail address of your forwards in there correctly? I wasn’t sure which address you said you paisted in. And is there some kidn of junk filtering that might be blockign your E-mails. One other thing, if you’re forwarding to a G-mail account some poeple have said that there’s a logn dealy till they recieve it.

As far as getting ahold of support, I’d go ahead and put in an other support ticket. Provide as much informaiton as possible and do your best to catagorize it correctly. Hopefully they’ll get back to you soon.


The point that I was trying to make with the e-mail is that I am 100% sure that it is all in there properly. It is going from dreamhost to dreamhost. There is no junk mail filter blocking it - it is just taking forever to set up.

As for putting in another ticket for support - what is the point if they are not going to answer the first one?

Alright it seems to me that DH needs to up its support 100% since they currently have a line of 1024messages. I believe it is hard for them to answer all these questions, they should build a Q & A system that checks if your question is relevent to a question on the Q & A before submitting a e-mail. Also I think DH goes in the order of most important to least important. I think that most of the questions they get though are concerning their control panel. I personally think it would be easier for them to give people the choice between theirs or cPanel. Or just cPanel… it would make their lives so much easier.

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You can put your sigguestions in through the panel > home > Sigguestion area. That way if other people agree with you, then you can all vote for it and possible get changes implemented.

As for Cpanel, that has come up before and pretty much there’s no chance what-so-ever that Dreamhost will be using Cpanel. To even add on a few machines with Cpanel is hard, becuase their servers are structured completly differently - sharing harddrive space and the like between clusters. Most people seem to agree though, that once you get the hang of DH’s panel it’s better.


[quote]I set up an e-mail forward a couple of days ago
(just a forward) … still not working two days later.


Panel updates can indeed take days, despite the panel recently chanegd to say “minutes”.