DH Needs a sales team that is responsive


OK, so we have all seen situations where some company gets you in the door and then once you are in, you get put on the back burner. But I have never seen a company take such a backwards attitude about getting new customers like DH is doing. There is no phone number for sales… OK… But you can’t even get a sales person to return a phone call to spend several minutes answering questions about the service and to help with setting up an account.

I’m no idiot, it’s not like I can’t figure out how to work the sign up form, but I’m also not just some kid who wants to put up his own web site. Maybe Dreamhost only caters to that crowd, and that would be fine if they would just say so, but I represent an organization and I have been asked to get some information about hosting companies. The only information I have so far about DH is that I have been sending e-mails back and forth for almost two full days, just to get answers that could have been addressed in less than 10 minutes on the phone.

And you have to love when they say “we’ve always made it our number one priority to deal with every client as a human being and as a friend”. I feel sorry for their friends.

So what about it? I know the only one I ever see posting in here is Jeff and that’s only once in a while… so anyone else frustrated with the sales experience? Because if this is any indication of what I should expect as a customer when I need support, then there’s more points lost.

Any other experiences out there?


This is the 21st Century. All the information you could possibly need is available on the company’s website. If you have very specific questions or needs, most can be addressed by other customers in this forum, or by the excellent (and growing) wiki. Phones are so last millennium.

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It is certainly true that some business models are not appropriate for some people. I am glad that Dreamhost does not incurr the overhead of an “old school” style “sales team” as part of their business model.

I’ve never been too happy, as a customer, about having the expense of supporting these “sales teams” passed on to me in the way of higher prices, though that has been the traditional business model for many companies.

Much better, to my way of thinking, to make copius information available to potential customers, sufficient for them to make a decision, and save “human” resources for operating my ongoing business. Granted, not every business can survive using that model, but Dreamhost’s continued growth seems to evidence that it works for them.

It’s my opinion that DH has done an excellent job of providing written information that addresses virtually every aspect of their services. Between the DH site, the Wiki, this public forum, etc. I can’t imagine many questions that would be left. As for me, I would far rather rely upon “published” information, than the “sales speak” of a “sales team” member who’s principle goal (by definition) is to “close” the sale.

I’m glad they reserve their resources for their clients as opposed to squandering them chasing “potenential” $7.95 a month sales. As a client, my experiences with support have always been excellent. Sure, I’d like for every issue to be solved within minutes, but for what I pay, I believe the level of support is considerably better than one would expect. Notwithstanding the “level” of support, I very much appreciate the fact that I always get a knowledgable and intelligent reply, rather than a “call center script” read to me from somewhere in the third world. In other words, I’d far rather wait for a “real” response, then get picked up on the first ring and get dragged through a “script” where the “tech” ultimately tells me to “reboot my computer” and/or “reinstall wind*ze”.

Even though the “entrance page” to this forum clearly states that this is not the place to find DH staff, I see Dallas (Head Honcho, founder) in here periodically, and I think that is pretty useful.

Of course, and as usual, YMMV, but I’ve had many sites here, for a long time, and I’m happy :slight_smile: Dreamhost is one of the “Best of the Breed” when it comes to shared hosting at these price levels.

Having said that, if “when I need support” means “heavy hand holding” with things like making webpages, ftp, ssh, etc. then you might consider a less powerful/flexible, more “automated site-builder” type of host more appropriate for your needs. You won’t be able to do nearly as much on such a host, but you will probably be able to get a “webpage” up faster. If you are willing to make the investment in the learning curve, I think you will find lot’s of help here and in the wiki; almost daily you can read the threads of experienced users “walking newbies through it” in this forum.

What questions have you about the service that you need clarification on? I’ve been here a while, and would be happy to help you with any additional information I can provide.



This is my second year using Dreamhost. I have yet to find a reason to call Dreamhost on the phone. Any questions I had were easily answered by the very friendly community here on this forum. I have had a few instances where I did need tech support, I used the contact page and I had a answer within 1 to 2 days, depending on the load. I have no problem renewing next year as I find myself very satisfied.
I wish they had the wiki when I started, so much detailed information is stored there. And growing all the time.


[quote]There is no phone number for sales… OK… But you can’t even get
a sales person to return a phone call


Some people really prefer phone-based sales and support, while others could care less. It’s true that we prefer to do things electronically, and our service offerings tend to be geared toward that.

As a practical matter it’d probably be a lot easier for us to provide phone-based sales rather than support - there’s just a lot less of it to do. However, we kind of think that’d be lame (ie. we’d provide a phone number to call to get you in the door, but once you are paying us we don’t).

[quote]I know the only one I ever see posting in here is Jeff and that’s
only once in a while…


The primary function of this forum is customer-to-customer interaction. While I do try to pop in once in a while, it is pretty rare (these days I’m mostly doing abuse/security stuff, and that’s pretty time consuming).

I’m definitely not the only DreamHost employee here, though, or even the most prolific poster these days. There are others, though it may not be extremely clear that they are representatives of our company (Dallas and Michael not only post periodically, but also happen to be two of our co-founders).

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Same here. I find email much more convenient than sitting on the phone for extended periods on hold. Sure, it may take a little longer to get answers to my questions, but at least I only have to dedicate a few minutes to writing/reading the emails.


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Customer Service on phone?It is a joke for me.

Generally, all CS phone systems are like this
For domain issue, press 1, for email issue press 2, for someotheryouarenotinterestedissue press 3, okay, finally find the way to CS by pressing 3,3,9,8,7,6,9,9,9
"I have balbala problem(5mins passed)"
"ok, i will transfer you problem to appropriate person, please wait"
If not line is dropped, you have to describle your problem AGAIN!!

CS on phone is just lame.

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Similar to Jeff’s comment, we do find some people prefer phone support and others are happy with email. One thing I wanted to mention was that due to the highly technical nature of webhosting sales questions, our tech support staff and our sales staff are one and the same. Unfortunately, when tech support levels jump up, the response times of sales emails get longer. During these times, our sales manager jumps in to help out, but some sales questions can still end up taking a while to get answered.