DH mailman adressing modifactions bars normal user

I need the mailing list to work with normal users but
DH mailman adressing modifactions or virtual domain setup bars normal users. If I am wrong here and anyone can help with this, there will be lots of of grateful DH domain owners

I did allot of research before picking this company. I am doing allot of growing this year and wanted the best which dreamhost is in many ways. The promised mailing list is real but not “usable” for most of us who host lists…or would if they could because the addresseing borders on indecipherable for normal users.

Let’s speak in the language of in-experienced user and call it: the “TO” and the “FROM” fields.
If there is additional information in the “TO” and the “FROM” fields, the inexperienced user is proably toast…period. Those of you who are in the real worrld know this.

Researching through the forum, I have found the path littered with the corpses of dead plans for “usable” mailing lists on their domain. The problem is best explained this way. The DH virtual domain setup which is excellent in so many ways I am sure has forced mailman or been modified by DH to require complex addressing like this:

owner-yumcha owner-yumcha@lists.mydomain.com
owner-yumcha-mydomain.com owner-yumcha@lists.mydomain.com
yumcha yumcha@lists.mydomain.com
yumcha-admin yumcha-admin@lists.mydomain.com
yumcha-mydomain.com yumcha-admin@lists.mydomain.com
yumcha-mydomain.com-admin yumcha-admin@lists.mydomain.com
yumcha-mydomain.com-owner yumcha-owner@lists.mydomain.com
yumcha-mydomain.com-request yumcha-request@lists.mydomain.com
yumcha-owner yumchar-owner@lists.mydomain.com
yumcha-request yumcha-request@lists.mydomain.com

Now all that (explitive deleted) to the owner is normal and should not be a problem but subscribers to the list get that routing information int the “TO:” and the “FROM:” Normally in this world, users of lists know nothing about computers should only see this


I have got the mailman list of commands which has some data on this but why bother because I don’t have the list of commands “not” supported by Dreamhost…

these are only a few examples