DH mail server blacklisted?

Has anyone experienced any admins that have banned or blacklisted the following mail server:

murdock.dreamhost.com []

All mail sent from my domain (xyz@xyz.com) is not delivered to the recipient (an employee at a large organization) and does not even bounce. When I send mail from a non-DH mailserver but with my address/domain spoofed (xyz@xyz.com), the mail is delivered. I don’t think have blacklisted my domain.

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced anything simliar? I have only seen this one case and if this is an isolated incident, I can work around it. Unfortunately, the recipient’s organization is large that getting his admin to check his list of banned ips or mailservers is next to impossible. Although the lack of bounce/blacklist message (the recipients mail-server’s fault) is annoying.

FWIW, I know that this mailserver is not listed as a “known spam relay”. I’m assuming I need to go the recipient’s admin to get this corrected. I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similiar with DH mailservers.

Thanks in advance,


If it’s blocked, it’s likely a local block - that IP isn’t blocked by any of the major third party blocklists http://openrbl.org/ip/66/33/205/6.htm). Also, you’d usually see a bounce if it’s being rejected. What’s your domain, and what’s the recipient’s domain?


I figured that it was blocked locally. I also checked all the major blacklist databases and did not see any DH mailservers or IPs on there.

My domain is townwideweb.com.

The recipient is cwmsmtpy.lacity.org [], based on mail I receive from them. It is the City of Los Angeles. When I send a mail from my old web host (soon to be cancelled) @townwideweb.com, there are no delivery problems.

I know DH is now way responsible for a local block. I’m curious if I could change my mailserver from “murdoch” to something else just to test to see if it is a local block. However, they could be blocking a range of IPs.

Thanks for you response.

You’ll (likely) get different machines if you send the email again. You could try (temporarily) using “baracus.dreamhost.com” directly in your mail client.

What’s the actual domain of the recipient? That’s all I want to know. lacity.org?

If they’re accepting the mail, a block seems kind of unlikely - and ultimately, talking to their postmaster would be the best way to get this resolved if possible.

I did check to make sure that domain (lacity.org) isn’t somehow setup in our system, and that we’re resolving it Ok and can connet to the mail servers in its MX records.

Will, I was unable to get baracus.dreamhost.com or mail.baracus.dreamhost.com to respond and relay my mail.

The recipient’s domain is “san.lacity.org”. I am a new DH user and have not been able to send any mail to this person since I activated my account.

Thanks for all your efforts. I’m pretty confident it is a local block on their side, but I was hoping it was an “accidental” block of only 1 ip or just the murdoch.dreamhost.com mailserver and that a less elegant fix would be to use a different server. Sadly, getting their postmaster or admin to respond will be wishful at best.