DH mail checked against a blacklist?

I have a client that suddenly can’t get through to me via email (and a few other people). The error message received “5.5.0 smtp 553 your ip is on our blocklist” sounds like Dreamhost mailservers are rejecting this mail?

I don’t have any explicit filters set up, not using any junk mail features at all on this domain, so I was wondering if Dreamhost has a global blacklist they use or if there could be another cause for this problem?



the only thing I’ve been able to find that’s listing their (the clients in question) IP is cbl.abuseat.org

Does DH check against their list regardless of my account configuration?


I’ve received a positive on the CBL check from support.

That kinda gives me pause. To me that’s a very un-Dreamhosty thing to do. Not that they’re checking against a blacklist but that I don’t know anything about it and had to find out from a client’s troubles. I quite like the idea of checking against some of the better lists before delivery, I’m sure it does wonders for performance around here, but…

Dreamhost has always been very much on the side of not messing with their customer’s property and keeping them well informed. This situation seems against both, and wholely uncharacteristic.

I’m harping here because I’ve not found any info about it anywhere else besides dragging it out in a support conversation. Maybe this post will help people find an answer quicker if they search.

I’d love to hear from a Happy Dreamhost Honcho on this, maybe let us know what blacklists are checked against so we can be informed and not look so silly in the future?



Huh, sorry about the confusion!

We do use the CBL. It’s really conservative and blocks a TON of crap. We get almost no complaints about it.

We didn’t mean to hide the fact we use it or anything!

I’ll see about putting info about it in the wiki.

Other than CBL, we have our own dnsbl available for the rare case that a single source of spam is hammering our servers (so we can quickly block it) but we only rarely put anything on that list.

Beyond that, we use no other lists, and certainly not some of the more strict (or crazy, depending on your perspective) lists that are out there. We do no filtering unless you want us to!


Excellent, thanks a ton nate.