DH June Newsletter


Having been with DH for a good few years, I am totally amazed at the tone of their latest June 2012 Newsletter. The service has been so bad over the last few months, so much downtime, and they don’t even mention it in the newsletter! Unbelievable. Whatever happened to them being an honest and open company (their words)?


Haven’t read the latest yet.

I suppose though all this “downtime” isn’t mentioned because it’s only happening to a very limited number of clients.
If it was that bad, and effected that many people, I’m sure we would heard a lot more of it here on the forums as that’s
where people generally gather to vent…

I personally haven’t had so much as a single minute of outage in the last 8 days solid, and I say that because I have pingdom checking every minute for me
and unless their services are failing, or telling me porkies… my site has remained extremely stable, and response times are at their lowest (or most responsive) in over a week.

Perhaps you guys need to move over to *goes to check what servers he’s on…*\ d-fenders for web, and mackerel for SQL…
my webmail’s been playing up lately, but I think that’s more to do with the changes I’m making, rather than downtime.

So, I feel for you guys having problems, but for me at least, “their words” have stayed true as advertised.
Touch-wood it stays that way!


I have been with DH over 6 years and basically do not know what downtime is.
I also have pingdom running and maybe 1 or 2 times a month I get their email offline-online with only a few minutes difference. Besides that the server is fast and whenever I need support I always get replied with in 24 hours, but mostly within a few hours.
I have been with many others before DH and DH is just for me the best and most reliable there is.


Thank you both for your replies, I would never have thought that it depends which server you’re on. Why on earth should I have to worry about that? I’m talking about this sort of thing…
"“DNS Server Problems (RESOLVED)
Posted (June 13th, 2012 at 5:15 pm PST) by Ralph
We are experiencing some service interruption as a result of an issue with our DNS servers. This will cause sites to load slowly or hosting and email may not be working. We are working quickly to resolve this and will provide an update as soon as possible. Update June 13, 7:55pm PDT: …”

And… (If you follow the Dreamhost status pages, they’ve had so many outages of one sort or another in the past year…)

“Network issue in Garland datacenter (RESOLVED)
Posted (June 8th, 2012 at 11:06 am PST) by Brandon
We are currently experiencing network connectivity issues in our Garland data center. This is resulting in site downtime as well as panel unavailability. Our network engineers and system administration team are working to restore connectivity at this time. We will update this post with further information as it becomes available.”


[quote=“dyachovich, post:4, topic:57838”]
Thank you both for your replies, I would never have thought that it depends which server you’re on. Why on earth should I have to worry about that?[/quote]

It’s not something you should /worry/ about, but you should be aware of it, the more information you have to hand, the better…
It’s like calling a service center and saying “my appliance is faulty, fix it.” The first thing the guy is going to ask you is “which appliance?”…

Now if you know you are having running problems with an appliance that has had issues in the past, your going to want a new one :wink:
That’s why I think you should know.

And despite the abundance of network issues, I have never been affected yet.


Since this thread is about newsletters, I’ll add (and I’ve said it before) the newsletter have morphed from being less of a newsletter to more of a marketing tool. It’s too bad because the audience is current customers, not prospective customers. Guess that’s to be expected when it’s written by the VP of Marketing, rather the the folks in operations and/or support.


Newsletter is not a financial report…


Well, back to the essence of the original post,
I don’t think DreamHost is wrong in not reporting outages in it’s news letters.
Infact, they cover most if not all of the major issues that occur. which is plenty enough for me.

I’m more interested in the DHSOMs, updates and features, if I want updates about network outages I just go to dreamhost status…


I miss the fun part of the newsletter, wish Josh starts writen them again