DH jabber server and google talk?

Connecting to the dreamhost jabber server (through one of my DH domains) with a user I created using the DH panel shows several transports (msn/yahoo/etc) offered. I was wondering if it was possible to use these transports by a user which is not created for a domain hosted by dreamhost? Specifically I’m wondering if I could setup my Google Talk jabber account to use my dreamhost jabber server, as I trust dreamhost more than a random open jabber gateway? ( I want to do this to IM msn/yahoo/etc users through Google Talk/Chat )

I have tried it and failed, the dreamhost jabber server returns a 404 error when I try to register the transport service as a user other than a dreamhost jabber user (in this case I am a gmail.com jabber user).

thanks for any info, Mark.

You could consider registering for google apps. This allows you to use your own domain with google talk.

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