DH Jabber IM Groupchat?


I’m interested in finding out if anyone has been able to use DH’s Jabber IM service to do group chat. I checked the KBase and there was no information there about it, and contacted support, which said that I should ask here if anyone has had success with it. Can anyone shed some light on if it’s possible to group chat using DH’s Jabber IM service, and if so, how does one go about setting it up?



So it would be like

chat@conference.jabber.happylittlethings.com for me

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I tried setting up gAIM to work with this, but I get an error still. I set up a jabber account in the DH panel for myusername@mysubdomain.mydomain.com, then set up gAIM to log into this account (which it does fine). Then I go to join a chat, and in the dialog box to specify options I choose the new DH Jabber account I set up in gAIM and specify:
room: chat
server: conference.jabber.mysubdomain.mydomain.com
handle: myusername
password: ********
and attempt to connect with those settings.

The error I get is “502: Server Connect Failed”

I think your configuring Gaim wrong but I’m not using Gaim. Can anyone else explain how to config giam.

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I tried using Exodus in Windows as well, with the same settings:

room server: conference.jabber.mysubdomain.mydomain.com
room name: chat
nickname: myusername

Exodus brings up an error saying:
“The room has been destroyed for an unknown reason”

I also worked with XIFF, a flash API for connecting to Jabber servers, and when I programmed in the same settings as well, I get an error (in XMPP XML) with the same 502 error code and message “Server Connect Failed”, the same error that gAIM reported.

Jabber doesn’t work on subdomains. It has to be on the full domain.

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Jabber doesn’t work on subdomains. It has to be on the full domain.

I use Jabber with a subdomain. I haven’t tried the group conferencing, but regular messaging work just fine.

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Yeah I’m almost sure it doesn’t work on subdomains I will try it tmrw.

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Tried this without a subdomain, and I STILL get a 502 Server Connection Failed.

Room: chat
Server: conference.jabber.mydomain.com
Port: 5222
Username: myusername

Ok after several days of dialogue with the support department I was able to figure it out. Here’s how to fully use Jabber IM accounts with dreamhost:

Note: this works with subdomains too - use subdomain.domain.com instead of domain.com. Also some client apps have a “user” field instead of a “JID” field, use your username only in that field.

jid: user@domain.com
server: domain.com
port: 5222

To get multi-user conference working, specify “conference” as the conference server to connect to – do NOT use “conference.jabber.domain.com” or “domain.com” or anything else. The room name can be anything allowed for room names by jabber (not sure if jabber limits it to alphanumeric characters).

Conference Server: conference
Room Name: anything

I was able to get this working in Gaim, Psi, Adium, and Exodus clients, as well as the XIFF flash API for Jabber. I’ll also post this information in the KBase and suggested to DHs support staff that they should make an offician entry about this in the KBase for conference support.

Hope this helps others who were puzzled about how to get this working.

Weird I tried to connect to server “conference” and just made a random room name. Doesn’t work. I have to use conference.jabber.mydomain.com
Also there needs to be a oublic URL if you want others outside of your jabber server to connect.

Weird! :-? An official entry on this would be nice. What would be even better is installed the most recent version of MU-Conference :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think this discrepancy is due to differences in the way we have our woody machines configured versus our sarge machines. For sarge machines it should be just ‘conference’ and for woody the whole conference.jabber.domain.com thing.

Our configuration in Sarge is different because it’s using different versions of the software (allowing transports to work again!) and this one change was made along the way.

It seemed easier to just have to put in ‘conference’ and not worry about the whole long host name. Sorry for the confusion! We didn’t realize anyone even used this part of our jabber server.

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Has anyone had difficulty today logging into a group chat? I was able to do this a few days ago without any problems, but today for some reason, I can’t connect. I keep getting an error: 502 Unable to resolve hostname.

I’m using GAIM on Windows currently.
I picked a random name for the chatroom: chat
The server is: conference

The configuration on the Sarge machines had to be changed from Conference Server: conference
Conference Server: conference.jabber.yourdomain.com

The reason being no one outside of the domain could connect to the conference.

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Thanks for the update on the new configuration. It worked for me with the server set to: conference.jabber.mydomain.com.

I am still having problems logging into jabber on a recently transfered domain. Could this be DNS related? The transfer was completed about 48 hours ago.