DH Jabber and PHPbb3



Im looking to get the Jabber feature working with phpbb3. ive enabled it via the control panel and made an active user. and ive plugged the info into phpbb3 several differant ways and i get the following error


Could not authorise on Jabber server.

SEND: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

SEND: <stream:stream to=‘sacredrites.net’ xmlns=‘jabber:client’ xmlns:stream=‘http://etherx.jabber.org/streams’ version=‘1.0’>

RECV: <?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream xmlns:stream=‘http://etherx.jabber.org/streams’ id=‘46C3D34C’ xmlns=‘jabber:client’ from=‘sacredrites.net’>

Timeout, no response from server.

ive telnet into the jabber via 5222 and it connects so i know its up and running. Ive even tried using localhost as the jabber server name both sacredrites.net and localhost give the same error. But if i do something i know that wont work it gives a socket error does not exist. so it must be atleast seeing it? right? anyways if someone has gotten this to work on dreamhost please give me a shout id like to toy around with this.

This probably is the wrong forum for this to go in? i dont know. Im almost positive im setting jabber up right maybe its phpbb3 isnt fully functional or works with DH jabber like other jabber servers? im just speculating.


Hi sammyboy405,
any news with your jabber with phpBB3?
I just installed phpBB3 RC5 myself on my DH site and I’m wondering if this jabber is going to work with it. I haven’t tried to connect phpbb to the jabber yet because DH still shows this jabber user as “pending activation”. Looks like there is some lack of information on DH side - this jabber user we’re creating in DH panel - is it the first user of the private jabber server which is going to be installed on behalf of the dh user on dh server or is it used as existing jabber user to connect to a jabber server(in this case these credentials specified in dh panel should be credentials of the user).
DH says: “The great thing about Jabber on DreamHost is that you can host your OWN Jabber chat server on your domain!” - does it mean that the server is created when we add new jabber user or should I install the jabber server myself?

Any ideas?



All I Got to say is Good luck getting it to work. Ive asked and Asked and ASKED till im just done asking… Via DH Support, PHPBB Support site.

No one has any clues. Jabber works on DH ive tested it using a jabber client.

When using phpbb3 it connects but then returns something that phpbb3 dont understand is my best guess. check the phpbb forums via the 3.0 support section and you will see my long whiny post about jabber support.

No one has a clue how it works or what any of the connection errors it returns mean.

If you get it to work please let me know. It would be an awesome feature to have on a website.


Nope I Still to this day have not gotten to work. Or any answers from DH on this.


The current DreamHost jabber server (jabberd1.x) doesn’t support stream::features.

You can vote for it via the panel. https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tree=home.sugg&category=Goodies - Jabber IM



Jabber with phpBB on DreamHost still does not work. I’ve done some tinkering with phpBB’s Jabber support file: functions_jabber.php with partial success.

See my changes to functions_jabber.php on the phpBB support forums:


Any further help greatly appreciated.


I had the same problem, with the identical error message you posted on phpBB forums.

I didn’t bother making any change to the functions_jabber.php.

Any additional info?

EDIT: Well, I voted to add this feature. Cost me 4 credits. Looks like this feature was voted as “Draft v1.0” on 06/17/09