DH hosting for WordPress ecommerce site



A client intends to establish a DH account to use WordPress with a Woo Commerce theme (Avada). I have experience with WordPress in non-eCommerce applications on DH, but no experience involving eCommerce setup at DH. I have read the Wiki “Secure Hosting” and understand its content, but the big picture is not clear.
So, can anyone recommend the best hosting package I should be looking at or send me to the best source for more information?
Should I open a support ticket for expert advise?
Thanks in advance.


It depends on how much traffic you’re expecting really, and how dynamic the site is to know for sure. In general, I wouldn’t run a store on less than a VPS, but I’m kind of neurotic and want control over my server when I’m running a business out of it. We also have DreamPress, but it can be hit or miss with ecommerce stores at the moment, and while it’s awesome we have it set up with MemcacheD and Varnish, that can get techy when you consider we don’t WANT to cache shopping carts (security reasons, obv!).


Thanks for the overview; it helps. Looking at the DH VPS Hosting page, I see the necessity for the following:
300 MG = $15 /month
Unique IP Address $3.95/month
SSL Secure Certificate $15.00/year (signed ??)

Have I overlooked a costly necessity?
Is registering a new (first) domain name and yearly renewal an additional cost?

Another Issue regarding VPS Hosting for WordPress; How much RAM is needed for WordPress to run under light usage?


You will need to register a domain and renew it yearly, so yes, factor that cost in.

Our lowest VPS runs at 300MB and that should be fine for a low-end site. When you start out, it’ll help you auto-resize so you can figure out what your actual load is.


Yes and no… .com .net .org would be possible free domains included in a hosting package. Others you would have to pay the yearly fee.

Additionally always remember that even if it’s a free domain, you still have to “renew” it ever year. If the renewal price shows zero in the panel then it’s using your “1 free per year” allowance. *** It’s also possible during certain promotions or using certain promo codes to get more than 1 free per year, but that’s really alot more than you asked :wink: