DH hosted (easy install) PHPBB - no uploads?

Hi all. I just setup a PHPBB instance on the DH-hosted method, so I don’t have to deal with upgrades etc to keep it secure.

It looks like this hosting method disallows any form of uploads sadly - into posts or even just for avatars. This is pretty silly… anyone else experiencing this?

Actually, this is a php-wide limitation on non-private servers to prevent SQL injection attacks in general. If you’re willing to dive into the script, you can look up alternatives to off-loading stuff and modify the boards that way.

Personally, I’m not worried about it.

Suddenly this makes sense. Someone else mentioned the lack of Avatar uploading. Since it’s not hosted in your space, I can see why they would not allow content uploads.

Personally, I like the “Advanced” one-click. It’s still practically zero maintenance and the end result is the same. When a new version comes out, do the one-click upgrade and you’re all set.


ok, very good points.

i was thinking as an end user yesterday - it didnt seem to make sense to have a hosted forum that you really cannot customize. it was my first attempt at a hosted app - i always go with Advanced (and have since moved the forum there too).