DH harvestable by spammers? (FALSE ALARM)

Hi. My first post to the support forums.

On my Crazy Domain Insane account, I created the requisite one mailbox. As I haven’t yet fully switched to using DreamHost instead of my old web host, I have not yet given out that email address to anyone, nor do I send mail using my DreamHost account yet.

Of course, I get spam. All mail to [anything]@mydomain.com goes into that one email box.

However, one spammer sends directly to that exact email address! Given the obscurity of the name of the mailbox (it’s an English word not included in many English dictionaries), it seems likely that the spammer harvested the address directly from DreamHost somehow.

Annoying, yes, very, but hardly fatal. Still, I’d like to prevent this from happening in the future, if at all possible!

Any suggestions for how I could prevent that, or how it happened in the first place?

Any help will be appreciated.

Edit: if it will help, I can send the headers on that email to any support personnel who can help. For privacy purposes, I prefer not to post them to this (public?) forum.

Send the headers to support and ask them to pass it on to me (or put ATTN: William in the subject line).

Did you use the email account as the contact address for your DH account, and if so, did you register any domains through the panel?

Aarrgh! My apologies! False alarm!

On my third read through the email headers, I realized that I made a mistake. The email was originally sent to sales@mydomain.com (a total guess on their part), but the name displayed in my email client somehow resolved to the actual mailbox name, something that doesn’t usually happen in my email client.

My profound apologies for wasting your time.

[slinks away in shame]